IMS Japan Open Badge Version 2 (OBv2) Verification Site: TRAIAL OPERATION

Verify Open Badge Version 2

The version of the open badge used by IMS Japan Society is the "Open Badge Version 2".
Please specify the Open Badge Version 2 you wish to verify.

Paste the URL of a badge object or its JSON or signed JWS data directly.
Open Badge Version 2
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Verify recipients of Open Badge Version 2.

This is where you check to see if the information you entered matches the information on the badge. Usually, the email address used as the person's contact information is listed on the badge, but if there is more than one email address, or if there is no phone number or website URL listed on the badge, it cannot be verified.

Recipient Information

What is Open Badge Version 2?

  • This site allows you to check the authenticity (i.e., whether it has been tampered with) and content of your Open Badge Version 2.
  • Open Badge Version 2" can be verified even if the issuer is not IMS Japan Society, as long as it complies with IMS Global Open Badge V2 (OBv2).
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